Best New Nightlife in Paris 2017


1. The Samedi staple:  L’ARC

Known for it’s Paris Fashion Week after parties and strict front door policy, this club is known by those who love to ‘seen and be seen’.  Last year, I was here for events such as Rihanna’s Fashion Week afterparty for Fenty, Ryan Lewis’ Bday, and countless model agency hosted pre-parties known as the ‘House of Dolls’ where female models are treated to a dinner, open bar and karaoke before midnight.  Look sharp though, many have been put off from coming here due to the seemingly arbitrary door policy that can discriminate potential guests due to nearly anything, including height, ethnicity, or lack of French.

2. The Brand New: ANGIE

Take a slide into the brand new Parisian hotspot for 2017, the ANGIE. The Club itself is unmarked, but located at 105 Faurborg Ave, near another great after hours venue, CASTEL.  The Angie features pool tables, foosball, and other activities to give guests a respite from deciding between the typical options of conversation or dancing.  Be on the look out for those in the French fashion scene, as the clientele here lately has been similar to that of the infamous Sunday club, the Titty Twister.

3. The Brunch: YEELS
Paris life on Sundays revolves heavily around brunch, and if you’re looking for the lounge/club atmosphere to continue, there is no where else than Yeels. Located only a stones through from the club Mecca of the Arc de Triomphe, Yeels is an upscale brunch lounge with an incredible light display.  It also becomes a great place to start the night for dinners in the evening.

4. The Personal Favorite: LA MONTANA

Located in Saint Germain, this club/rooftop/lounge is somewhat of an insiders secret, and it’s typically a members only privilege to experience the rooftop.  No cellphones/pictures are taken here, as the hotel itself if known for attracting visiting royalty and international celebrities.  A few weeks ago, we had a drink next to Kristen Stewart while checking out the views, and a close friend met a French celebrity, which is her now-boyfriend here.  They do have some of the best music, and are open until 6am daily!

5. The Most Exclusive:  CARTEL
Alright, so you’ve ventured past the doors of some of the highest profile and most discerning locales in paris, are you ready for a challenge? CASTEL is a hidden club for prolific local members of the Saint Germain district (the 6th), and is located behind a red door, past a guest list, in that used to be an 18th century brothel.  Cool right?  The. dancing is some of the best, and the crowd there is one of the most elite collective groups you could encounter on a given night out on the town in Paris.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to score an invite…

HERITAGE: Frequented by students for AUP, this club features a host of rotating DJ’s, some better than others (80’s/90’s nights).  Often the last stop on the nighttime roster, after dinner and drinks at Matignon.

VIP ROOM: On the decline since 2014, this club shines in light of former glory. No longer the discriminating club of old, this club is now more prone to hip hop.  However, the restaurant upstairs features a wonderful dinner show that is a great start to any night out.

SILENCIO: Members only, get an invite from an employee and descend several stories into a cavern of wonders. Famous for headphone parties in the past.

RASPUTIN: Generally frequented by older clientele, more of the place to chat instead of a dance house. Drinks are cripplingly expensive.

LE HOBO: Best up and coming, go on a Thursday night when international DJ ROWDOLFF is playng for the best mix of dance your a$$ off upbeat 90’s, 2000’s and just generally everything good. No ratched hip-hop here, dress to impress.

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