Best Places to Write in Paris



AntiCafe – 4€ – 1st

My love affair with antiCafe deserves its own article. It’s a perfect place to work or write as its a pay by the hour- All you can drink and eat cafe, free wifi, 4 euro for the first hour and 3 every additonal. Comfy couches, great vibe and obviously free wifi. Great place to meet international bloggers and writers!

Les Deux Magots – €€ – 6th

Internationally known with prices to match, the terrace remains a lovely place to people watch, both within and outside of  the restaurant. Close proximity to central Saint German, meaning many walkable sights

Delaville café – €€ – 10th

Ambience befitting French royalty, with a beautiful terrace, free wifi and delicious food selection. Hosts dj’s in the evening, always crowded and often frequented by those in the fashion industry.

Cafe des chats – € – 9 Rue Sedaine, 11th

Feeling homesick, and hungry? Dine while being surrounded by cats! Food is proportioned to share, and the wine selection is fantastic. I had a lovely dinner companion, I believe he was a tabby. I highly recommend the Spanish Malbec


 Rodin Gardens – 1-2€ – 7th

Come see the thinker, wander around the grounds, or do as many of the locals do and come take a nap. There is a cafe here, but sadly no wifi, making this more of an inspiration destination.

Jardin du Luxembourg – free – 7th

What’s not to love about this beautiful space.  Having lived next to it for sometime now, I can personally say this is the best multi-use space to do just about everything – writing, reading, jogging, or even hunkering down with a bottle of wine and some friends. There are museums on the property with wifi

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